Breast milk and antibiotic resistance.

How amazing is breast milk?  Scientists are just discovering how it may help with the growing problem of antibiotic resistance.

It would be interesting to see research done on the homeopathic remedy Lac Humanum (human breast milk) as this remedy also helps with many mental emotional symptoms as well.

Positive evidence that homeopathy is an effective antidepressant for peri and post menopausal women!

This is a study that has been carried out to compare the efficacy of individualised homeopathy with fluoxetine (an antidepressant often known as Prozac) for treating the symptoms of depression in peri-menopausal and post-menopausal women.

It shows that homeopathy and fluoxetine are both effective for treating the symptoms of depression but that homeopathy also improves the general symptoms of menopause.

This is what we see in practise but it is important that good clinical trials like this one are carried out to confirm this. 

New database of positive homeopathy research studies.

Robert Medhurst, has been compiling positive research studies related to homeopathy for several years. He initially shared a compilation of positive homeopathic research in 2010 and since December 2013, he has been sharing his findings with the community every month through

To help people find all the scientific research studies related to homeopathy in one place, links to all his articles are now available in one place here. The posts list a huge volume of human trials, in-vitro and in-vivo research studies, animal trials, as well as plant trials.