“My dear Linda, Thank you ever so much for the good care. Again you proved to me that homeopathic treatment is working. Thanks to you I’m back on the dance floor for the 2nd time. Like magic, as if nothing happened to my knee! I will strongly recommend everyone, especially the sceptic ones to come to you. No doubt they’ll be in good hands. Many thanks.”   E. Y.     ______________________________________________________

"We  consulted Linda for our babies Eczema.   We were happy with the service and treatment we received.  The treatment was successful.  Our babies skin has improved a lot and the redness has almost completely disappeared.  We would definitely recommend Linda."
"I consulted a homeopath because I had suffered from an itchy ear for some time.  After visiting the GP and not getting much help, I was becoming extremely frustrated.  After meeting Linda and hearing her speak about the benefits of homeopathy, I decided to give it a go.
Linda came to my house, which was fantastic.  She was very professional and patient whilst going over my history.  I was very happy with the service and the fact that Linda was able to address other issues at the same time.  
After treatment, I was very pleased to find that my ears were no longer itchy, having had to live with this for over 2 years!  It has allowed me to focus and feel less frustrated.  I had also felt as though my mind was clouded, this is no longer the case.  I am an extremely happy patient.  I no longer have itchy ears and do not feel like they are not clean.  
I truly believe that it works and Linda is absolutely amazing.  She really cares about what she does."  J. C.
"My daughter had a wart on her hand and a small wart on her face.  Linda was very thorough and gentle when asking my daughter questions.  She also identified hayfever as being something she could help with.  The warts started to go almost straight away and have now gone.  The hayfever has also improved.  I would definitely recommend homeopathy."   C. T.
"Thank you so much Linda for coming to see my son in the summer.  He was suffering so badly with his hayfever that he was finding it hard to breath and sleep at night, leaving him exhausted the next day.  His eyes also use to swell up so much that one of them would end up closing.  It was so distressing for him.  Since using your amazing remedies, all his symptoms have cleared up and he is a happy boy!
I too have used your remedies and I am feeling so much better for them on a physical and mental level.  I have recommended you to some of my clients who I know will also benefit.  You have a lovely manner about you and I feel very comfortable in your presence, and so did my son.  You are very thorough with your questions and approach every angle possible to get to the root of the problem.  
The tablets and tinctures are easy to use and the instructions are clear.  Thank you once again for all your help with my son and myself.  I will not hesitate to call you in the future."   M.F.