Homeopathy for Babies and Children


  •   Is your baby having problems with teething?
  •   Does your baby have feeding problems?
  •   Is your baby suffering with colic?
  •   Would you like an alternative safe way to address these things?


  •   Do your children suffer with allergies, or eczema?
  •   Are they having sleep or behavioral problems?
  •   Do they suffer from recurrent colds and infections?

"Homeopathy is gentle and holistic and stimulates a child's energy system to heal itself naturally. We can use homeopathic medicines to treat our children when they fall ill, without suppressing the illness with chemically based medicines and use them constitutionally to boost their general health and prevent them falling ill again."   

Tricia Allen 'Your Healthy Child with Homeopathy'

Common Childhood Complaints

Allergies, Eczema and Skin Problems

The skin is the bodies most external organ and is often used by the body to rid itself of toxins. Therefore, suppressive treatments may work for a while, but normally the problem will return when these treatments stop. Homeopathy can safely be used alongside conventional treatments to address the underlying imbalance that may be the cause of such problems.

Colds, Sore Throats, Sleep Disturbance, Behavioural Problems

When a child has recurring infections and colds, they may need homeopathic constitutional treatment which is treatment for the whole constitution and general well-being of the child. This means finding a remedy that covers the whole state of the child.

This type of treatment my also help with sleep and behavioural problems.

"Over the years, I have consistently found homeopathy helpful as an alternative for my children, when faced with ongoing conditions such as eczema and seasonal allergies, rather than having to use strong creams and medications.  It can also be helpful in understanding and addressing the underlying emotional triggers, which could be the reason your child constantly seems to be picking things up."